Real form of prayers And Role of Prayer in Formation of Character

Real form of prayers:

 In the prayer, there are two fundamentals:

(1) In relation to the face which is related to the face

(2) The shape of the prayer which is related to the body.

Then all things including Tasbihat and Tashahhud are nothing but their gelamis-slaves, murtajis, on the other, the glory of God, greatness, nothing but praise, but on the other side, look at the shape of prayer when it is seen that standing in front of the hand, then leaning towards the ruku. The most respected organ nose, the forehead is in front of your mothers. . Acceptance of the weakness and weakness in front of the infinite power of Allah; If it is not worshiped, then what is the work that is worshiped?

A prayerful person is able to frustrate his respected organs in a gentle way, and in his internal and heart, he is acknowledging his own stubbornness and sincerity. What could be more humiliating and lower than yourself? And in this nomination, the highest level of worship is mentioned in the name. It is found only in this prayer. Therefore prayer can be worshiped in the fundamental sense. There is no such thing in it. May be your honor or purity. The harmony of Allah may be the same. For the sake of Allah, there is no need for money. The prayer has only a murderer. And Dependence. Matkotha Prayer is the provision of worship in the fundamental sense. Along with this, since Salat is also the mandate of Allah. Zakat, Raza, and Hajj have been worshiped, as in the fundamental sense, prayer from both sides is worshiped. It is said that no money is required to perform the prayer, all the rich and the poor have to offer their prayers.

The Real form of prayers And Role of Prayer in the Formation of Character, Prophet Muhammad , Allah

Real form of prayers And Role of Prayer in Formation of Character

Role of the Prayer for Character Formation:

Prayer is the only effort and mujahada for self-realization. By this prayer, the human character is beautiful and tidy. Bad behavior is removed. Because the main source of disgrace is emotions and arrogance. From him, all kinds of evil deeds and evil spirits are created. It was, in particular, the origin of quarrels with each other. Because arrogance and arrogance creates a great feeling of self. And when people seem to be bigger and taller than others themselves. Then his horrors increased. His movements also got paralyzed. Then there is no work to do. By the nature of such arrogance, others start chanting and contemplating others. This creates hatred and aversion of each other. And the reaction of this aversion is the conflict and conflict between each other. In the initial stage, this quarrel begins in the face. By which the ways in which they have opened an abusive language and opened the way for evil. Where the face is not controlled. In the absence of one another, the problem continued. By which the path of gibat, chagalakhuri and other sins are exposed. There is no greater sin than this in the face of sin. It destroys the character of the man and destroys man’s respect or honor. After that, if the quarrel increases, then the blows begin. The main clash of human organs in this condition It is not possible for Adam’s children to be safe.

Ebadat or prayer from the beginning of Islam. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the best of the era of the Sahaba kiram, and his life was the best life and because of his greatest personality, it was said that there was no name of pride and deceit in them. They were humble in front of Islam and emotion. For this, the security that was there in the whole world during that time, then the world was not fortunate to see it. The mystery of this was that they would have progressed through prayer. The only prayer of life was the measure of worship.

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