Hazrat Muazz bin Jabal Said, the Messenger of Allah. He said, Allaah, in the night of half-century Shaban, looked very especially towards all the people. And forgive all except the polytheists and the envy. (Muhammad Kabir’s Tabithani: 16339, Ibn Hibbah: 5663)

Level of Hadith: Sahih Allama Haysim said: The hadith has been described by Tabariani in his mujhame Kabir and aosat and all the raniyans of this Hanes are dependable (Majmaz voyaid, 12960) Shaikh Albani said this hadith is authentic. A tradition has been related to a tradition from several companions, which strengthens each other. Then Shaykh Albani presented the list of the names of the companions in his companions, saying that they are, Muaj bin Jabal, Abu Chalba al-Khushani, Abdullah bin Amr, Abu Musa Ashari, Abu Huraira, Abu Bakar Siddiq, Auf bin Malek and Ayesha. Ra .. (Silsilatu Ahadiths Sahihah 1144)

Summary: The merits of Half Shawban’s night is proven by the hadith narrated by the companions of many companions. Among them, Aishah; (Tirmidhi -737, Musnad Ahmad-26018) Hadrat Muazz Ibn Jabal; (Ibn Hibbnan-

5665), Abu Musa Ashari; (Ibn Masah-1390, Kitab al-Chunnah Abi Asem-510, Shuabul Iman-3833), Abu Bakr al-Siddiq; (Musnad Byaar Jar-2045, Kitabut Tawhid Lieben Khusaymah -136, Shuabul Iman-388 and 3829, Kitab al-Sunnah Abi Abi Assem-509), Hadrat Abu Chalba al-Khashani; (Kitab al-Chunnah Abi Abi Asem-511, Shuabul Iman – 3831 and 3832), Abu Huraira; (Musnad Bazzar-

2046) and Hadrat Auf bin Malek One of the most important. (Musnad Baz whose 2048) Shaykh Shuib Arnaut said, ‘Although there are objections to every hadith, but collectively the hadith is authentic and powerful’. (Al-Quran in Musnad Ahmad-6642 Hadith) The above-mentioned seven great books of the above-mentioned companions from the famous Sahababaya kiram

On the basis of the traditions related to good will have been described. Those who have the slightest idea about the policy of being hadithsh-al-Za’eef, they can not say this hadith as a fake, or a liar. No other things said it. Sheikh Ali Albani, who claims to be unaware of Sahih Hadith, was also forced to say this hadith. While there are some people ignorant in the knowledge of Imam. Those who claim to be the followers of the Takhlis and are followers of the Sahih Hadith, they started to teach the learned words without looking at their right and left. Various certificates of Hadith and its Sahih-Za’eef

Failure to persecute Muslims in the society due to the absence of rules and regulations, making the Hanis angered by blinding eyes. I do not know Are they making mistakes in accepting the authentic Hadith? Or is anyone acting as an agent to destroy the unity of the Muslim society?

Note that since the Arabic word ‘baraat’ means freedom, deliverance, impunity etc. Therefore, the word ‘lailatul baraat’ or ‘shabe baraat’ means the meaning of ‘Mukti Ranjini’. However, in our society, the meaning of the word ‘fate-night’ is actually not right. Because the word ‘baraat’ does not mean fate. So if this night is not a fortune-teller then it is correct to say ‘Mukti Rajani’.

In the tradition of Shu’abul Iman, written by Imam Baihaqi Raha, in the tradition of 3854, it is narrated that on the night of half-a-moon, the Holy Prophet It is very long rakat in Namaz. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful about worship at night.

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