Setting up of mosque mosque community to pray regularly The word originates from the Arabic “السجود”, whose lexical meaning is to be bowed down in reverence, meaning prostration. Generally, in the buildings or establishments that Muslims collect and perform five daily prayers, they are called mosques. Again, those large mosques regularly perform Friday prayers with regular prayers and other Islamic activities (such as: teaching the Qur’an) are called Jami Mosque (مسجد جامع). Masjid usually consists of an Imam or leader who is the Imam of Prayer Do or lead.

Mosque Muslims have the center of various religious activities. Apart from praying, education, dissemination of information and dispute were settled.

In the excellence of the mosque, in the open compound mosque of the seventh century, the Kaaba or the Mosque of Nawawadi has developed a lot from now. Now many mosques have huge dome, high tower and large compound. Although the origin of the mosque is on the Arabian Peninsula, it is spread all over the world.

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